Casa Luker: Unveiling the sweet future of Colombian Cocoa Production

How could Casa Luker, a successful colombian 🇨🇴 family business in the cocoa products industry, secure the sustainability of its supply chain in times of environmental change leading to scarcity of the cocoa bean? Will the country’s potential in this new era of peace attract international investors and, along with the company’s investment in R&D, will it be sufficient to move forward with local and international expansion of its cocoa and derived product business?

Why does Syngenta promote synthetic products that increase air pollution?

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Population growth, climate changes and limited natural resources have challenged agricultural production to grow and become more efficient. Despite Syngenta’s efforts in developing integrated solutions to increase productivity, little attention has been given to synthetic fertilizers and herbicides. These chemicals incur in high emissions of nitrous oxide, a greenhouse gas 300 times stronger than carbon dioxide [1]. Would the $54 billion [2] crop protection market opportunity be misleading Syngenta’s priorities?