Casa Luker: Unveiling the sweet future of Colombian Cocoa Production

How could Casa Luker, a successful colombian 🇨🇴 family business in the cocoa products industry, secure the sustainability of its supply chain in times of environmental change leading to scarcity of the cocoa bean? Will the country’s potential in this new era of peace attract international investors and, along with the company’s investment in R&D, will it be sufficient to move forward with local and international expansion of its cocoa and derived product business?

Is the world running out of chocolate?

Amongst concerned chocolate aficionados, “Chocopalypse” is an embellished term used to encapsulate the very real threat that climate change poses to global cocoa supplies. With chocopalypse looming closer, how does the American chocolate giant Mars, one of the world’s largest cocoa buyers, secure its business in a world that is rapidly running out of chocolate?

Nutella no more?

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A jar if Nutella is sold every 2.5 seconds. Will Ferrero be an environmental villain, hero or victim in their attempt to satisfy this growing global appetite?