Does a Trump presidency mean fewer free t-shirts?

Did you ever think about the impact that Making America Great Again would have on your ability to collect free t-shirts at every conference you go to? I’ll bet that was the last thing on the minds of most people last November, save for a few executives in the economic heart of French Canada.

So Hot Right Now! The Levi Strauss Climate Change Agenda

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In 2012, Levi Strauss & Co., a denim jean retailer, created the “Climate Change Agenda” to address climate change head-on. The agenda focuses on achieving measurable progress combating climate change through operations, supply chain and education. While they clearly are a leader in the space, are they doing enough?

H&M: Fashionable or Fashionably Late

The emergence of fast fashion has drastically affected the way and rate at which clothing is consumed. The fiber economics bureau reported that per capita consumption of fiber in the US is 83.9 lbs, with over 40 lbs / capita […]

The NIKE Model: Garbage In, Sneakers Out

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After a crippling onslaught of bad press regarding poor working conditions within its factories and negative environmental impacts in the late 1990s, NIKE, one of the world’s largest suppliers of athletic shoes and apparel, dramatically shifted course. While NIKE is now widely considered a global leader in sustainable innovation, is its sustainability model incorporating all of the relevant inputs?