Iran Air: Sanctions and Sanction Relief

Managing against US sanctions is a supremely difficult task, requiring political rather than commercial skills. For the last three decades, sanctions have blocked Iran Air from obtaining new aircrafts and spare parts. On the cusp of finally obtaining modern aircrafts, Iran Air faces the imminent possibility of dashed hopes.

Clear Skies Ahead for Boeing?

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Air travel is expected to continue its rapid growth over the next few decades, while at the same time carriers must limit their carbon emissions. Boeing has a tremendous challenge and opportunity to help their customers navigate this challenging time.

Will Sustainable Biofuel Power the Airplanes of the Future?

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In the pursuit to reduce greenhouse gases (GHG) emissions, we developed efficient airplanes that use less fuel. Technology improved aerodynamics, enhanced engine performance and reduced planes’ weight. But we are still using the same fossil fuel we used since the inception of aviation. Can we change that?

Boeing – Innovative aviation giant fighting climate change

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The climate change is undeniable. Boeing as an industry leader in the aviation sector has to face and solve serious challenges. But how does Boeing deal with these challenges and which steps has Boeing taken to tackle the upcoming problems? The following article describes the various initiatives this aircraft manufacturer has taken so far and outlines possible further steps.