Euglena – microalgae – the future of Food AND Energy

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In 2005, Euglena Co. based in Tokyo, Japan succeeded to mass-produce euglena, microalgae, outside first time in the world. This tiny euglena has a huge potential to battle with one of the world's biggest challenge – climate change; it can be a food to nourish growing populations, and it can be a fuel to fly an airplane.

What, No More Wine?

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Climate change will threaten global wine production dramatically (perhaps by two-thirds). Crop growers need creative solutions. What can be done about it, using drones and other options?

Impossible Foods: The Intricacies of Farts and Burps

As disposable income increases, consumers increase their meat consumption, thereby driving up demand for meat. Founded in 2011 by Stanford biochemistry professor Patrick Brown, Impossible Foods Inc. researches and develops plant-based meat and dairy products. The company aims to provide consumers the taste and nutritional benefits of meat without the negative environmental impacts of livestock products.