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On December 10, 2015, Zhihan Ma commented on Tencent: Growth of a “King Penguin” :

Thanks Henry for the post. I think the focus on original innovation and continuous improvement is key to Tencent’s success. Having seen a number of Chinese internet companies that copy Western ideas and technologies come and go, Tencent really stands out as an outperformer given its ability to innovate and adapt based on evolving consumer preferences.

On December 10, 2015, Zhihan Ma commented on Zara: A Better Fashion Business Model :

Thanks Aya. As a loyal Zara customer, it is very interesting to see how the company supports the fast fashion idea with fast operations throughout its supply chain. The one question I have is that as Zara expands globally, does it make sense for them to maintain the centralized distribution system, with all its clothing items going through the distribution center in Spain before being dispatched to across the globe? Will it be easier and faster to also build manufacturing and distribution facilities elsewhere in the world?