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On December 5, 2015, yuvalg commented on Roku – Remonetizing your TV screen :

Great point Yun, thanks! I think people don’t mind ads when they are “covert” compared to when they are forced to pay attention to them (I recall the Hubspot protagonist talking about this too.)

We’re surrounded by ads on Facebook and other websites we go to, and we don’t seem to care that much. I think that as long as the ads blend naturally (i.e. in the background of our main Roku menu) we tend to tolerate them more.

On December 4, 2015, yuvalg commented on #Twitter: A story of #failure :

Thanks Utsav, awesome article! I agree with you 100% on the fact that Twitter are going downhill fast unless they do something.

You noted that Twitter “still has a 140 character limit” as a bad thing. It seems to me as if the uniqueness – the one thing that Twitter can perhaps monetize one day – is the short-message, ‘lively’, community, where you almost feel like you can read a live phone conversation between two people. It is also in my mind why many celebrities use the platform, also another potential money-making uniqueness.

So, I suppose, my question to you is – in your mind, would Twitter do better or worse if the limit was removed?

On December 4, 2015, yuvalg commented on Trader Joe’s – Alignment Under Secrecy :

Hi Brian!

When my wife and I moved here we were told “Trader Joe’s is cheap; go there”. However, we struggled with the layout of the store. The private labels made shopping hard and unintuitive: We are used to our own Ketchup, our favorite brand of chips, etc. Do you think that under the general “price X quantity” test, the choice to go with only private label products was a wise one? Could they have maybe gone with some private and some known, or would that take away their edge?

On December 4, 2015, yuvalg commented on Allegiant Air Soars Above the Competition :

Thanks #BR, Awesome post! Do you think they can/should go international? Is this model suitable for expansion?