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On December 12, 2015, Yubo commented on FCB: The Healthiest Club in Europe? :

Very insightful analysis and observation of FCB. I was really impressed by how influential it is in Germany. But also then my concern is similar to Tomo’s – could FCB or Bundesliga share the experience or extend the support to the other clubs? Most rising stars from other teams targeted at transferring to FCB to become successful, making FCB overwhelmingly successful and most other teams much less competitive. But in other leagues like in England, many teams could fight for the championship and not any is dominating all along.

On December 9, 2015, Yubo commented on When BYD Meets Mercedes-Benz: a Joint-Venture in China :

Thank you for the interest! It is truly difficult if BYD chosen to stick to its advantage in labors. But they have been investing tremendously in forward R&D to generate technological advantage besides price advantage. They are selling the most Plug-in Hybrid cars worldwide now! I think Chairman Wang is betting that the new era of cars is coming soon so that he could be a successful pioneer in promoting and introducing new energy vehicles.

On December 8, 2015, Yubo commented on The IKEA Concept: Furniture for the Masses :

Very interesting post about IKEA! But meanwhile I am a bit doubtful regarding their operation in local stores, especially the one in Boston that made so many unfortunate messes with the new RCs, myself included… Their delivery is full of mistakes, I have not heard from anyone whose delivery is completed at once without any wrong part, missing part, damaged part… My personal experience was even worse, I waited for 4 weeks to receive the bed frame and 6 weeks for the sofa bed. What I found out was that their internal communication was completely missing: aftersales hotline staffs could only communicate with local stores via emails, and only their supervisors are authorized to use phones and have phone numbers. Meanwhile, the local stores are not supposed to give any phone number to any customer – making my inquiry regarding the actual status of the delivery a complete mystery. I think this would not be the case if it were the special timing when all new Bostonians came to town. So what do you think about the flexibility of their operating model? And could they implement countermeasures facing such special timing that actually happens every year?