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On December 8, 2015, Yendi Wehbe commented on BlackBerry: How to Destroy $75 Billion of Value :

Vitali, this article was extremely helpful in understanding how misalignment in business and operating models result in bad performance. I greatly appreciated your articulate explanation on the lack of focus on R&D and innovation (rather, the company focused on a simple increase of servers), as I believe it is not only a poorly-managed growth strategy, but also a solid proof of internal misalignment. Thank you for sharing !

On December 8, 2015, Yendi Wehbe commented on In-N-Out – The Freshest, Friendliest Fast Food :

Thank you for sharing this article Leigha! I was specially surprised to learn that their staff remains ~2 years within the company. I believe this company exemplifies how adding value to external stakeholders (such as shareholders and customers) can also be translated into internal value-creation with the employees. Hence, their 6% growth rate doesn’t surprise me at all.

On December 8, 2015, Yendi Wehbe commented on Ikea: Making Couches Look Good Since 1943 :

I very much enjoyed reading this article Yelena! I think it is worthwhile when companies invest heavily in understanding consumer needs and translating these insights into a set of guidelines. Specifically for IKEA, I inherently believe they have added value not only to their shareholders, but to the overall societal wellbeing, as these fashionable yet necessary items have become affordable to a greater percentage of the population. Thank you for sharing!