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On December 14, 2015, Yao commented on Open Blue and the Innovation of Open-Ocean Fish Farming :

Hi Brian, it’s interesting to learn something about the fishing industry! The operation model seems a big break though, in the sense that it not only provides a healthy and sustainable food source to feed a growing population, but also creates a more profitable business model. It sounds very attractive for upscale restaurants to serve the Open Blue fish that does not only have a great marketing story but also great product quality. Guess my only question would be on its full economic picture: how costly this operation model is and can the premium Open Blue charges justify the operation cost. Thanks.

A very interesting post, thanks Chelsea! It is very exciting to know that Brooke Charter School is demonstrating the potential to improve public education quality by incorporating some business world managerial concepts including clear career path and scorecard customized for teachers. It would be great to know more about the differences between Brooke and other public schools, as well as the comparison between this Charter school and the others, to understand the merits of its business strategy and operation models. Thanks.

On December 14, 2015, Yao commented on The Reese Group: Regional Appeal on a National Scale :

It is very interesting to learn about how a CPG broker survived and even succeeded in this traditional but fast-changing industry. The Reese Group definitely found a way to differentiate its self from its competitors to create extra value by focusing on regional brands, customer services and technology investment. And the operation model is perfectly aligned with the group’s business strategies, guess my question would be how to keep the business profitable given that the operation model seems requiring quite high expenditures (higher than other competitors I believe?).