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On December 13, 2015, Yael commented on Whole Foods: A Whole Package from Austin, Texas :

Great article! I have read that Whole Foods new rating system got many of the organic farmers upset: the new system allows farmers that do not meet the stringent requirements for federal organic certification the same rating as an organic farmer, or even a higher one by using methodologies like garbage recycling program or relying more on alternative energy sources. As farmers have more and more alternatives to sell their produce to other chains – how do you think this might effect the company supply chain? Should Whole Foods focus only on the organic growers or should it continue to use other produce as well?

On December 13, 2015, Yael commented on Chipotle Nation :

I really enjoyed the article Michael! I agree with your analysis of Chipotle’s value proposition and I also love eating there when I need something quick 🙂
Coming from Israel where vegetables and fresh, unprocessed food is very common, I was surprised to find that a Tex-Mex restaurant was able to offer some of those qualities, and I think that it is mainly due to its unique operating model. As many people become more and more conscious to fresh, unprocessed, healthy food, I am hoping that more chains will follow Chipotle and will offer different types of food. A good example for that is “Aroma”, an Israeli chain offering a variety of fresh salads, sandwiches, pastries and drinks, now with few locations in the US as well – http://www.aroma.us/

On December 13, 2015, Yael commented on Ikea: Making Couches Look Good Since 1943 :

Great write up Yelena!
I agree that IKEA has a great value proposition. However, I was wondering how sustainable this model will be within only few years. Usually going to Ikea requires a full day: you need a car, time, and usually someone to help you carry everything you buy. As more and more e-commerce companies grow, buying furnitures on-line becomes easier and cheaper. For example, companies like Wayfair, offers a huge variety of furniture and home decor, many of them with better quality, and usually with free shipping. In the long term, do you think Ikea will change its operating model in order to be able to stay relevant in the on-line world as well?