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On December 12, 2015, Winnie Liu commented on EasyJet: Making Travel Easy and Affordable :

Great post – I learned a lot about the operating model of airlines that I didn’t know before. It seems that their business and operating models are well aligned currently, but I wonder how successful they will be at growing by targeting business passengers given their no frills approach and flights only have a single class. In addition, many companies form relationships with airlines and I wonder if only offering intra-Europe flights would deter companies from using EasyJet as opposed to airlines that offer more routes.

On December 12, 2015, Winnie Liu commented on Retrofit: Tackling Obesity-Related Healthcare Costs :

Great post! I like how Retrofit is targeting self-insured companies since they have the greatest incentive to invest in preventative care. You mentioned that Retrofit uses FitBit fitness trackers – I wonder if the company could benefit from introducing proprietary technology into their product offering. I think that this would enable the company to customize the product to complement their business model and therefore increase their competitive advantage. I think the mobile application could help a lot with this but would also be concerned about how they would be able to differentiate their product from current weight loss apps.

On December 12, 2015, Winnie Liu commented on DaVita Healthcare Partners, Inc. :

Great post! It seems like Davita’s scale gives the company significant advantage over smaller individual physician practices. I would imagine that Davita is able to immediately introduce process improvements right after acquiring a practice due to the company’s expertise in providing dialysis care and experience opening new facilities.

I thought the example of using the new type of plastic cap highlighted the opportunity of introducing new technology. It seems that Davita would be able to quickly identify areas for improvement in the dialysis process given its operating model. What operating processes related to innovation does Davita have in place to ensure that it is continuously improving its business model?