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On December 14, 2015, Wendy commented on HBS: Creating Human, Intellectual, and Financial Capital :

Great post Steven! enjoyed reading it.
To your point on donations, HBS indeed successfully created an ecosystem of strong alumni, faculty, students and corporate networks- the people which co-creates the brand name of HBS to continuously feed into a virtuous cycle of attracting top talents and maintain this flow.

On December 14, 2015, Wendy commented on What’s in Your Luggage? :

When I was traveling a bit for work and looking to buy luggages which are functional,durable and look fashionable a few brands come to mind: Samsonite, Tumi, Rimowa- which all offers revolutionary lightweight materials, attractive designs and premium brand image.While Samsonite invests in its R&D and marketing, how do you think it is winning market share vis-a-vis its competitors?

Interesting post, Akeel! A very comprehensive formula to capture the male shopper’s mindset. it lays out the key levers for Bonobos’s business and operating model.

A similar concept exists in Asia. A company called Zalora. The key differences:1) target audience are both men and women 2) Zalora aggregates clothes from different brands onto a one-stop shop 3) it began with an online business for several years and recently started a brick-and-mortar store in a few key cities such as Singapore where shoppers can try the fit of clothes.

With positive outlook on revenue growth, what do you think is the key factor as to why Bonobos is still not yet profitable?