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Nice write up, James!

Very cool. Kind of like Bonobos, but fancy. How do you think they’ll manage to grow and expand the business? You think they’ll ever expand to include women’s wear? And, as a final question, if I showed up at their Boston store, do you think I’d be allowed to order shirts for myself?

On December 13, 2015, Vicky V commented on Whole Foods: Creating An Organic Experience :

I hadn’t heard of the asparagus water issue, but that’s insane!

On December 13, 2015, Vicky V commented on Whole Foods: Creating An Organic Experience :

Seriously. Definitely hard to bounce back from that, especially considering the fact that it already has a reputation for being insanely expensive.

On December 13, 2015, Vicky V commented on Munchery – Delicious, delivered :

Love the sounds of this idea, and you just made me hungry. It’s an interesting concept, and super smart for them to create a process that leverages economies of scale. I wonder, though, how large you think they can get. With so many food delivery apps that seem to feed off of people’s desire for speed, convenience and a wide variety of options, do you think the fact that Munchery has limited offerings and only serves dinner will hold it back?

Loved the write up, Hilary! As a huge fan of TJ’s, it was interesting to see just how they manage to bring me those delicious and affordable little frozen pork buns.

Like Seunghyun mentioned above, I definitely see Whole Foods and TJ’s as competing in the same space, though TJ has an advantage when it comes to the broke college student market. However, as I was looking into Whole Foods (that’s what I wrote about) I saw that WF is in the process of opening up lower cost versions of their stores. It’ll be interesting to see if TJ’s will be able to maintain an advantage in the low-cost/high quality market or if the new, cheaper Whole Foods will take a chunk of their market share.