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On November 14, 2018, vertigo commented on LEGO: Leveraging the Building Blocks of Open Innovation :

Great article!
Overall, as you mentioned, the open innovation at LEGO really helped to retain fans and encourage them to participate in the platform: creating a virtuous circle.
My question would be: Since I loved to watch LEGO’s aggressive yet effective expansion from toy to animation, movie, game, etc., to what extent the open innovation platform of LEGO did influence those expansions? How does LEGO idea incentivize users? Does LEGO pay for the ideas? Furthermore, did LEGO idea and LEGO life help LEGO acquiring new customers?

Great article!
I love “Carlsberg” beer not only because of the taste but also the beer looks good! What I am trying to say is that some people might buy and drink beer because of experience. People are obsessed with microbreweries even though their beer quality is not that good or consistent as you mentioned. There would be tones of work for marketers to do for that reason even if the company has an AI brewing system, I guess.
I also wonder how they can measure the preference of every people from the globe. Can people say “I wan’ 3% more acidity and 5% less bitterness.”? Thanks for the fascinating topic and I love to see how Carlsberg’s innovation goes!

On November 14, 2018, vertigo commented on 3D Printing…we should ‘Just Do It’! :

Great article!
3D printing can open true innovation for customization! In addition, I think, Nike can reduce inventory and logistics costs by applying Just In Time production. My question would be: As 3D printing becomes advanced and prevalent, is it possible some random small manufacturer just produce Nike’s products with 3D printers? What if Nike’s 3D design and drawing, somehow, are exposed to the public and people can just produce without permission or paying anything to Nike? What would be the meaning of being a manufacturer in that world?

On November 14, 2018, vertigo commented on Boeing: “Adding” to the Manufacturing Process :

Great article buddy!
3D printing has huge potential and Boeing clearly knows it. However, I presume that 3D printer for sophisticated aviation parts requires large upfront capital. Given the rapid growth of 3D printing technology, is it possible that current 3D printer(let’s say Boeing’s asset) become obsolete? What if something goes wrong during flight operation and everyone blames Boeing’s “additive manufacturing”? The pioneer should bear so much pressure and take risks to success. I hope the day would come!

Great article Erik!
As you mentioned, it’s a matter of developing a better algorithm than making a better decision. What could be the role of the marketers in the future then? Are they marketers or data scientists? I also liked your question about the competition. Once every company adopt Machine Learning and AI, what could be the company’s differentiation? Thanks for bringing a good subject which makes me think deeply.

Great article! Open innovation is everywhere!
I wonder at what degree this open innovation of SIA truly aims for solving its critical issue(stagnant growth). I agree that a Digital Innovation Lab can convey some untapped, small, yet important issue in daily operation to be resolved. However, I am a little skeptical about AppChallenge. I think this type of problem-solving could deal with a consulting firm or an outsourcing firm. Is AppChallenge for cost saving? talent acquiring? or else advertising?? As the article suggested, I would recommend SIA open up AppChallenge to the broader audience including actual SIA passengers and narrow topic down to be more specific.