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On December 15, 2015, Vaibhav Vijoy Singh commented on Wikipedia: Information in the 21st Century :

Prasad, I like the subject and direction of the post. Quick question, in your research, did you find any evidence of automation in editing. I was just thinking if some basic AI can do basic fact checking and editing which frees up human editors to do more concrete work.

On December 13, 2015, Vaibhav Vijoy Singh commented on Penguin-Random House, A Publisher Failing to Adapt to the Digital Age :

Andy, loved the post. I think the idea of using a long tail of ebooks to “discover” what is working might just work. I am worried about the industry and think that they may go down with the newspapers of yesterday. The thing which I have been debating about is, will the next generation which has grown up with tablets and smartphones rebel against the digital era and actually take up physical books at any point. What do you think about that?

Keith, thanks for your comment. A few big reasons I could think of behind why the smaller British EIC won over a game which played out across 17th-18th centuries:
1) British East India Company was better at taking political control of the areas it dominated, cutting off the Dutch
2) The British Navy slowly became the most powerful force on the global seas which gave a leg up to the British EIC
3) Dutch EIC paid very heavy dividends rather than reinvesting the cash on forts and improving its scope of influence (Activists existed long before Ackman became popular)

On December 8, 2015, Vaibhav Vijoy Singh commented on Didi Kuaidi & China’s Car-Hailing Market :

Solid effort. Look up the anti-Uber alliance across the world between cab aggregators. Also, WeChat has gone on a crusade against Uber yesterday. We are living in interesting times