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To be successful in such a global environment consultants have to collect and share knowledge inside the firm. However, collecting and sustaining that knowledge keeping client data confidential doesn’t sound like an easy task and creates more questions than answers:
How do you keep client data confidential but share the knowledge?
How do you create a feedback loop between the teams and internal research groups?
And how do you ensure that the knowledge is not gone from the firm when an expert leaves?

On December 12, 2015, Teti commented on Unilever: More Than a Just a Marketing Company :

Would be great if they also looked on the sustainability side of the materials they use in packaging. Currently all those bottles and packs create tones of plastic garbage which is not recycled in most parts of the world (and will not be recycled for another couple of decades due to economic reasons).
Unilever could expand their “sustainability” part of business model by things like using more compostable packaging, selling shampoo without a bottle and charge per oz (in a way Whole Foods sells cereals) or incentivizing customers to reuse packaging

On December 12, 2015, Teti commented on Under Armour :

I wonder if they were really able to differentiate. They claim that they understand customers better than Nike, but the messages from their commercial have the same Nike’s insights. They definitely need to find their own niche otherwise they will be perceived as just a cheaper version of Nike.