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On December 13, 2015, Disho commented on Etsy – An Artisanal Marketplace for Millions :

Thanks Campbell. Loved the post as much as I love Etsy. My questions below:

1. Do you see Etsy as an M&A target and how would this endanger the community feel that the site has?
2. How does the current pricing structure compare to that of eBay or Amazon? Is it really cheaper for sellers to sell here?


On December 13, 2015, Disho commented on Emirates – The largest airline in the Middle East :

Vimit, as an airplane aficionado, I had a blast reading your post. My questions below:

1. With oil prices plummeting and margins improving across the industry, how would competitors take advantage of this to sway away Emirates’ clientele?
2. Do you see Emirates becoming part of any of the larger alliances to protect market share?
3. Will lower oil revenues affect Emirates’ owners/backers?
4. Are there any other good examples of state owned enterprises in the airline industry? (ignore Singapore Airlines or any of the Gulf carriers)


Thanks Tania. I am a firm believer in the importance of genetics to improve milk yields. My questions below:

1. How does age influence yields and how old are Indian cows relative to other milking cows in the global sample?
2. In the dairy industry “dry” cows (low milk yielding ) are usually used for the beef industry; however, my understanding is that in India this is not common practice. Do you have more color on this?
3. In order to go around the issue of perishability, what role do you see for powder milk?


Excellent and fascinating post. Below my follow-up questions:

1. How do you see crowdfunding impacting/disrupting other investment vehicles with relatively high overhead and low differentiation (i.e. venture capital or private equity funds)?
2. From a risk management standpoint, how do you prevent money launderers from accessing the investment side of this successful equation?
3. ATMs did not eradicate bank branches, would this model finally represent the demise of the brick-and-mortar way of banking?

Many thanks!