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On December 13, 2015, t.c. commented on Caviar – Premium Bites at Your Doorstep :

This sounds great and I would love to try it! You mentioned that this ends up becoming an “exclusive list” that high end restaurants actually want to be a part of but I wonder how effective that strategy actually is. It would be interesting to learn more about how easy it is to sign these restaurants on because I can imagine there being some level of concern with regards to optics if the food isn’t consumed as fresh as it is meant to be which may reduce perception of quality. In addition, I wonder if any restaurants lose any allure of “exclusivity,” especially the one with long wait lines. Interesting to see how Caviar plays out in the long run!

On December 13, 2015, t.c. commented on Combatant Gentleman: Dress Smarter :

I’ve heard great things about Combatant Gent and am interested in learning more about what you might consider to be the biggest barrier for new competitors to enter. The online clothing space has become tremendously fragmented and it is very difficult for any one brand to capture a large market share. We’ve seen similar online retailers such as Bonobos and Everlane that also don’t operate a physical presence, albeit a few minor exceptions. I wonder about how easily replicable this type of business is and whether what differentiates winners from losers will be the marketing spend and strategy needed to attract and retain customers. I do look forward to trying on my own Combatant Gent suit soon.

On December 13, 2015, t.c. commented on Beacon Air: Making Private Jets Accessible for Everyone :

A very fascinating and unique business model here. My concern is on it’s ability to scale in the U.S. I imagine there are not too many destinations with as much high traffic as NYC/BOS that are also short enough for a small jetliner carrying 6-10 to fly. Frequent flyers often fly to multiple destinations and I’m wondering whether there are enough subscribers that fly primarily between just these two cities to drive volume. However, I can foresee this also doing well in the Western European market where the flights are generally shorter and with a NYC-like hub in London. Looking forward to seeing what next step Beacon will take.