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Great post! I’m impressed by ThreadUP’s operational excellence of the brand selection, partnership with USPS and quality control. I’m especially surprised by the pick-up scheme based on the partnership with USPS. I’m interested in the fragmented mobile market place in the US and curious about the difference between other competitors like Poshmark and Tradesy.

On December 12, 2015, Taiki Narita commented on Chipotle: It’s not the burrito – it’s the operating model :

Great post! I’m a big Chipotle fun and always interested in it’s operation. Reading your post, I was impressed by Chipotle’s process line building and quality focus. I’m especially suprised that the stores don’t have freezers. Since Chipotle has a excellent store operation, I’m also curious about its supply chain of procurement. The “Fast Casual” concept is interesting for me, so I hope it will come to Japan in the near future.

On December 12, 2015, Taiki Narita commented on ArcelorMittal USA :

Great post! I had imagined that the steel industry is capital intensive, but was surprised that ArcelorMittal also invests massive money to employees as well. I’m especially surprised by its high average hourly cost! As you mentioned that economic situation is unfavourable for the steel industry, I noticed that recently there were some big consolidations in the industry. What kind of improvements are expected by these consolidation or scale merit?