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Great post. While I do love the efficiency this concept creates, I am somewhat concerned that the subsidization benefits the existing lending model provides for lower income/higher risk borrows will be eliminated. An analogy is in healthcare — pre-Obamacare, insurers were better able to stratify risky pools of people and charge different fees — which eventually led to those who needed insurance the most also having to pay the most. Post-Obamacare (as far as I know), the healthy pools of people subsidize those that are more “risky”/costly to insure. Do you have an opinion on this subsidization effect as it relates to lending?

great post. I wonder, as the company grows, how closely they will be able to stick to their edgy strategy that tends to encourage/welcome controversy (for lack of a better term). Have you noticed any editorial changes over time? Have there been any controversies or breaches of trust that Vice has been able to weather (e.g., Brian Williams)?

awesome post. I recently watched an interview with the co-founder who interestingly stated that he wished soulcycle continued growth/success as he believes the two company’s can co-exist/compliment each other. He also mentioned that he believed the market for peloton was larger than soulcycle and alluded to a desire to perhaps acquire them in the future.

Separately, it seems to me Peloton will need to develop/maintain a technological edge/competency in virtual reality in order to succeed. Do you know what they’re doing to develop this competency?

On December 14, 2015, sptl commented on Harry’s | Giving Men’s Grooming a Clean Shave :

Cool post. Love this company. I just googled Gillette and the most prominently sponsored advertisement is the Gillette shave club! I wonder how Harry’s is/will respond to acquisition attempts in the coming years. I also wonder when/how Harry’s moves horizontally into knew categories given their strong brand reputation and foothold in consumers’ wallets.