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On December 14, 2015, Sojung commented on DocuSign: Maximizing Growth Through Human Capital :

Ezra – great post! I think DocuSign’s integration of back office into its expansion strategy is quite interesting. You do raise a good point in the end. As their business grows, I would be interested to see how the company evolves its operating model. It undoubtedly is fueling growth now, but when time comes to adapt its model to solve for constrained resources, do you think this would impact the company culture? Also, once DocuSign gains scale and captures a large market share, is there much benefit in continuing to try to capture incremental, small businesses? I can see it being less of a focus at that point. Thanks!

On December 14, 2015, Sojung commented on Costco: An Ingenious Alternative Retail Model :

Great post, Andy! I have similar thoughts as Reid. I actually use Amazon Pantry quite a bit recently and also another service called Boxed, which is pretty much an online version of Costco. I do assume though they serve pretty different demographics and also geographic coverage (suburb vs. urban). I’ve seen Costco offered in Instacart (on-demand grocery delivery service, as you may know), so I do think that a digital strategy is on Costco’s radar. I’d be interested to see how this develops! On another (slightly random) note, Costco just opened up a couple of years ago in a town I am from in Korea, and to be honest, I was a bit surprised how successful it has been. Average family size is significantly smaller in Korea, and I thought bulk purchasing may seem not as valuable for people there. But I was wrong! They seem to have kept the same business / operating model combo there.

On December 14, 2015, Sojung commented on Green Chic: How Reformation Made Eco Cool :

Awesome post! I am a fan of Reformation myself and own a few of their dresses. I absolutely agree that its product has been a critical driver of success. I actually did not know Reformation was an eco-friendly company until I received the dresses I purchased based on their packaging (which is also remarkable – dresses come folded flat in recycled paper envelope) and bunch of “informative” slips that were included. I also have a few questions that come to mind, one of which Sam mentions above re: quality. I’ve noticed myself that after only a wear or two, the dresses lose their shapes. Could the eco-friendly production / material sourcing be influencing the quality / durability of the product? I also wonder if there is a limit to which this company can grow and compete in the general clothes category, etc. I am not that knowledgeable about the retail scene, but I assume they will have to continue expanding its product offerings, and are they limited in a way due to their eco-friendly mission? Thank you!