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On December 8, 2015, Simeon Bochev commented on Rocket Internet: Starting Businesses in the Fast Lane :

Thanks for the post on the parent company of my FIELD 2 project (ZALORA) :). To address mhan128’s (Meili’s?) question: Rocket Internet companies are doing great overall (see Forbes article here: More specifically, ZALORA is getting ready to IPO with very strong results to share with global investors.

On December 8, 2015, Simeon Bochev commented on Tesla – Winner winner chicken dinner :

Thanks for educating us on Tesla Aldo! I’m curious for your take on how government subsidies, and potential losing them, impacts Tesla’s business model? A good summary of the current US subsidies is here: I think by diversifying into lower-cost models that are more accessible to the general public Tesla will be able to ebb the flow of any leakage due to lost government support.

On December 6, 2015, Simeon Bochev commented on Disney: Enabling the Most Magical Place on Earth :

Thanks for your posting Bryan. I’m happy to see that you also wrote about Disney and took a deeper dive into Disney’s Parks & Resorts. You are completely correct that Disney’s ability to track the pulse of its customers’ desires is core to the firms success overall and especially in the Parks & Resorts operating asset. From personal experience I have really enjoyed Disneyland and Disney World, but found the parks to be very expensive. Do you think Disney has any issues with accessibility to its parks and could pricing be a long-term constraint on growth?

In my post on Disney I took a deep-dive into the recent acquisition of Lucasfilm and the implications to the Star Wars universe (post here: I would appreciate hearing your opinion on the findings in my post; namely, if you believe that Star Wars’ best days are ahead. I can’t wait to visit Darth Vader in person at Disney World!

On December 5, 2015, Simeon Bochev commented on Wegmans: The Best of Four Worlds :

Thank you Kim for your detailed analysis of Wegmans, a grocer I have never heard of, yet one I am excited to visit after watching the “Who we are” video. Through your analysis I am able to understand how Wegmans is able to stock 25-75% more inventory than its competitors without incurring high holding costs: vertical integration, strategic store positioning and moderated growth.

I do wonder, though, how Wegmans can achieve meaningful growth moving forward considering its more narrow “affluent” target market, prices that cannot complete with the likes of Walmart and increasing competition from local favorite Whole Foods? Also, do you believe that Wegmans should continue owning its own distribution as the grocer grows? Perhaps Wegmans is great at the grocery business, but I do not see many parallels to the distribution business.

I look forward to visiting my first Wegmans soon!