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On December 14, 2015, Sidharth Mishra commented on Flipkart: Every Wish Will Be Fulfilled :

Go, thanks for your comment. As far as replicating the service is concerned the other competitors have not yet started their own supply chain – this is a huge differentiating factor. In addition taking cash on delivery, needs a 3 way reconciliation at the time money comes to the delivery hub. Flipkart with its own ERP, supply chain and greater leverage with logistics partners has been able to achieve a very good process around that. I would not say that the other two competitors do not access to funds, i think it comes back to the long term focus that Flipkart has for the Indian e-commerce industry and the kind of knowledge base that it has developed over the years.

On December 14, 2015, Sidharth Mishra commented on InMobi: An Indian Startup with a global ambition :

Great article Bipul clearly demonstrates how Inmobi has been able to compete in the mobile adtech space. However, with Google constantly improving its search algorithms for the mobile platform (with the recent addition of being able to search app content from cloud), how do you expect Inmobi to be able to compete against such customized and curated algorithms?

On December 14, 2015, Sidharth Mishra commented on Flipkart: Every Wish Will Be Fulfilled :

Pratik, have its own ERP allows the following advantages to Flipkart
– Greater customization and control over the supply chain
– Able to be much more responsive in fixing bugs/getting initiatives to the market
– Lower operational fees (which otherwise would have been high had Flipkart bought 3rd party ERPs)

These three in combination warrant having one’s own ERP.

On December 13, 2015, Sidharth Mishra commented on Flipkart: Every Wish Will Be Fulfilled :

Thanks for the comment Ryan!
As per March 2015 Flipkart controlled 44% of the Indian ecommerce space with Snapdeal at 32% and Amazon at 15%.
These are tough competitors but I believe Flipkart with its strong alignment between strategy and execution will remain the market leader.

In normal circumstances one day delivery is charged, and hence the initiative does not reduce the profit margin. As far as 30 days warranty is concerned, that helps in maintaining the trust of the consumer which is far more important. I also believe that with its growth trajectory Flipkart will be able to dictate terms and does so with certain brands/merchants regarding the return of these products back to the brands.

On December 12, 2015, Sidharth Mishra commented on Petrobras: Government Mandated Operation Model is a Misfit :

Nice article Anas.
Clearly shows how Government interventions which are not aligned with the long term goals of the country’s standing in an industry, can hamper rather than develop the industry.
Providing a monopoly to Pterobras would also diminish newer and advanced technologies from being used, this would have been the case if the competitive landscape would have been maintained. Ultimately this lack of competitiveness in extracting and distributing this huge resource, due to the policies, will impact the price of the oil and ultimately the consumer.
In addition instead of this being a joint venture, mandating actions for the venture by the Government does not allow the company to meet its business goals of providing returns to all its share holders.

On December 12, 2015, Sidharth Mishra commented on Chick-Fil-A: The Top-Performing Fast-Food Chain :

Great article, definitely want to go and try out Chick-Fil-A now!
I think they have effectively solved for the three important stakeholders – employees, customers and community.
As mentioned by David above, having 6 days a week allows employees to rest and alongwith that it also gives them a point of difference from other fast food chains in the eyes of the customer. Having such a great focus on the product quality and trying to know about their customer’s life stories helps them convey their customer focus and also to capture the value generated due to the high customer satisfaction. Engaging with the broader community through scholarships and other events, helps them create their brand in the region and get word of mouth awareness as well.

On December 12, 2015, Sidharth Mishra commented on Fitbit – Find Your Fit :

Nice article Ryan. Clearly illustrates how using a uniform software platform and focusing on consistently in the wrist bands’ design allows the firm to scale and thus get more data, which further makes it value proposition stronger. However with the entry of other startups and larger companies such as Jawbone, Basis and Nike in the wearables market what can be a way forward for Fitbit to maintain its market leader position considering that the other players are offering greater customization on the software as well as the hardware side?

On December 12, 2015, Sidharth Mishra commented on Samsung semiconductor :

Wonderfully illustrates how Samsung has become a global player by aligning its strategies over the years.
Recently atleast in the smartphones business with the advent of companies such as Xiaomi, Samsung has taken a hit. Do you think that the kind of alignment achieved by Samsung in the semiconductor business over the years can be used to reclaim its desired standing in the smartphone industry?
Or in your opinion should Samsung focus on acquiring companies and strengthening its business-operational strategy alignment sooner rather than leveraging its inhouse capabilities?

Great concept and wonderfully written.
Really helps the people to get quality food at affordable prices and also educating the youth of the cities about agriculture, which is difficult in today’s highly urbanized world.
How do you think can this model can be replicated in other urban centers of the world, where there is a scarcity of land and the population density is way too high?

On December 12, 2015, Sidharth Mishra commented on Flipkart: Every Wish Will Be Fulfilled :

Yes Srinidhi, Flipkart with its constant focus on customers and evolving strategies to support that focus has created a great value proposition for the users.