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On December 13, 2015, Shimon Elkabetz commented on Alinea Restaurant: Dining Unconventionally :

Wow, I had no idea that such model even exists. I think it can work for a very specific kind of restaurants, as you mentioned, and obviously their operating model matches their business one. Yet, I’m not sure that I’m into such experience from the client perspective. From the entrepreneur perspective, I think that: 1) That model decreases variability and leaves more space to focus on the “art” of creating menu. 2) The way to develop such a model is so tough and exhausting, and that is the reason that so many entrepreneurs with passion to their profession find it hard to discover their golden path to become efficient, successful, and independent, but those who succeed definitely enjoy more freedom to create eventually.

On December 13, 2015, Shimon Elkabetz commented on TripAdvisor: Rapid product development and content generation :

Hi Aki, great post. I really love organisations that act fast and you described how TripAdvisor does that. My only concern is about the quality of the content – what happens if you move to fast and provides product that do not meet the quality criteria? Will that make customers run away and never look back? I guess that choosing the product managers has significant importance in such company where they have amazing independence.

On December 13, 2015, Shimon Elkabetz commented on Dufry: Consolidating Profitably in Travel Retail :

Hi Jeff, great article. Honestly I was thinking a lot about airport design in terms of efficiency and minimising time between flights, but I never thought of the fact that airports might create designs that increase sales and that they have the same incentive as the stores that operate within them. You definitely make me look at airports differently from now on:)