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On December 14, 2015, SHD commented on Disney: Enabling the Most Magical Place on Earth :

Well said, Bryan. I’m obsessed with Disney parks and have been interested in how they do what they do so well. I’d be curious to know about their imagineering teams and how they manage innovation as well. They do such a great job of understanding their customers and creating value that the customer didn’t even know they needed and I could see this being an interesting end of semester case as well.

On December 14, 2015, SHD commented on Handy Mandy: Your cleaner is here :

Ugh. Thank you for writing about this because this business infuriates me. My sister and I have both had horrible experiences. Unlike say Uber (which is the uber of uber–so sick of hearing about things being the uber of x), the quality of a service provided by Handy can vary vastly. Randomly recruiting people who are crunched for cash in a downturn does not mean they know how to paint or clean an apartment to professional standards. Handy has no real way of controlling its quality except booting people with bad ratings–after the damage to the customer relationship has been done.

On December 14, 2015, SHD commented on Goodwill: Doing Good While Doing Well :

Hey friend–very interesting. I’m curious how Goodwill International makes money–do they take a % of sales? Franchising fee? What actual value does the umbrella org give to the stores, given their autonomy?