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Great post Christy, many thanks! I am convinced that this model will capture more share thorugh innovative, personalized, and unique culinary experiences going forward. When reaching scale, it will be key to standardize certain processes related to food safety (if they haven’t done so already). A single food scandal can ruin your business or reputation, but risk can easily be mitigated through standardized training and microbiology testing.

On December 14, 2015, sgoeldi commented on SunPower: A Bright Spot in Renewable Energy :

Many thanks MLG, very interesting post!
This is a great example of a company mastering its core, and then growing into new customer segments. Reading the growth story, I wondered what role Total S.A. played in this success. Did they provide leverage in getting partnerships/acquisitions and/or financing? And looking ahead, would you see value of carving-out the SunPower business at some point?

On December 14, 2015, sgoeldi commented on Venmo: harnessing social network for online payments :

Great articel Tina! You deserve your 8th comment.
Building on Arturo’s point, besides defending the US market, I would also be curious how Venmo could scale internationally (the question you raise at the end of your post). Are the more advanced online banking systems too much of a entry barrier or does the network effect alone create enough value for consumers? Could they integrate more with Facebook to make it even easier to adapt?