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On December 13, 2015, SGhitis commented on Le Tote – “Netflix for clothing” :

Really interesting post! I hadn’t heard of this company before. It seems like Le Tote’s biggest differentiator is that you can have Le Tote choose what it sends you. Seems more akin to a Birchbox for clothes in that sense than a Netflix for clothes. I’m wondering how popular that option is, given style and fit can vary so much across customers. A personal stylist would require a lot of manpower that the company probably won’t be able to scale, but an algorithm could increase the churn rate since it likely can’t be as precise with fit or potential style as a human could. If a customer receives clothing that doesn’t fit/they don’t like two months in a row due to the algorithm being too broadly implemented, for example, they would be less likely to continue to subscribe.

On December 13, 2015, SGhitis commented on IndiGo Airlines: On Time, Every Time :

Very interesting company. Having written about Spirit, a similar discount airline, for my TOM challenge, I was curious to see how IndiGo compared. I am curious how IndiGo is perceived by its customers. Is this considered a desirable airline to fly, or do people only choose it based on cost? I also wonder if the airplane operating time might eventually lead to increased maintenance issues for their planes.

On December 13, 2015, SGhitis commented on Porcelain God: The Buc-ee’s Empire :

Such an interesting concept! I’m curious if you think the model would work in more urban areas rather than on road trip locations. I’m picturing a smaller scale Buc-ees for cities that could use great bathroom stops but may not have the space for such large retail stores. Or, conversely, given their emphasis seems to be less on gas stations and more on the stores themselves, maybe Buc-ees could eventually consider opening free standing stores with excellent bathrooms in more urban areas sans the gas stations.