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On December 13, 2015, sdarling commented on LendingClub :

Lending club has proven to be a leader in this space but it can be argued that many of the online players have grown to their current levels because of the positive benefits of not being regulated. Do you have a sense of what LC is doing to better prepare itself to go head to head with banks once regulation hits the sector?

Great blog post! Have followed Lenddo for a while now but am a bit skeptical of the true robustness of their credit model. I know that they recently moved from a lender to purely leasing their credit model to third parties (at least in LatAm) so would be curious if they tailored the “social elements” of their algorithm to fit specific country dynamics.

On December 13, 2015, sdarling commented on TransferWise: Quicker and cheaper foreign exchange :

Good post. Glad to see disruption occurring in many different finance verticals.

Great post! It would be interesting to see how the business model evolves to include other financial products. Many of the large competitors such as LendingClub in the US and RateSetter or Zopa in the UK have gradually increased their product offering to include not only consumer loans but also property, and SME financing.

Secondly, as more online lenders pop up it would be interesting to see how Propser approaches customer acquisition and retention since customers are purely searching for best price.