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On December 14, 2015, ScottL commented on Transforming from CSN Stores to Wayfair :

Great post, Emma! I find it interesting how they have removed themselves from dealing with logistics through their drop-shipping concept. What impact does this have on how they recruit talent? It sounds like their core competency is SEO in order to build their brand. Do they target recruiting towards tech talent or marketing talent? It would be very interesting to see the composition of the backgrounds of their senior management team.

Thanks, E. Great post. I find it interesting how Rocket Internet leverages a communal group of HR, tech, and financing resources to create a foundation for scaling new ventures in international markets. I would be interested in hearing more about how they evaluate their ventures during different stages of growth. If a new venture is failing, how do they approach exiting the business and minimizing losses? Furthermore, how do they decide on which ventures to invest in? With their large portfolio, I think some structure around these decisions may allow them to scale more quickly; however, loss in agility would be a key risk to evaluate.

Great post Anny! This is another great example of a strong founding team launching an innovative business model, resulting in massive success. I’d like to know how they plan to create sustainable senior leadership when the founders plan to move on to something else. How are they approaching succession planning? I imagine the same network they used to find funding would be useful. I also find it amazing how quickly they have grown. As they continue to saturate more markets, are there different ways to capture value? Perhaps partnering with smaller hotels to shuttle their customer base into last minute discount rates?