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On December 5, 2015, S commented on The Honest Company: No Smoke & Mirrors :

Joyce, thanks for sharing your thoughts on The Honest Company — really interesting post. I especially liked your point on The Honest Company’s adoption of the kaizen mentality. I remember when they had an issue with their sunscreen, and they worked to remedy that issue as well. It is encouraging to see a company focused so heavily on supporting parents who want safe products for their children.

On December 5, 2015, S commented on Y Combinator: Accelerating Innovation :

Avi, really interesting post — thanks for sharing your knowledge of YC. I had a similar question as BP’s reply — to what extent is YC’s success driven by its ability to select high-potential opportunities versus its proprietary resources and network? I wonder if, as YC becomes more successful, it will change its selection behavior. Namely, do you think YC will become more risk adverse as it selects opportunities to back, focusing on the “safe” bets versus the risky-but-high-upside bets?

On December 5, 2015, S commented on Trader Joe’s – Alignment Under Secrecy :

BP, thanks for the post — really intriguing. The price differential between Trader Joe’s private label and counterpart branded products was quite enlightening; I had no idea that private label products could be more than half the price of their branded counterparts. I would be really interested in seeing what the P&L looks like on a per unit basis for some of these private label products. I wonder if they are low margin, with profit driven primarily by volume.