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Great post!! It’s great to see that the State Bank of Chile has done such an effective job of providing access to banking for the citizens of its country. I’m curious to know more about what sort of model they use to assess the risk profile of low income customers when determining what interest rate to charge them for a loan. There is definitely a tradeoff between making loans accessible and making loans profitable/sustainable for the bank. Additionally, I’d love to know if the banks of other countries in the region are doing anything in response to the success story of the bank of Chile – is anyone else trying to replicate the operating or business model?

On December 14, 2015, Scott commented on InMobi: An Indian Startup with a global ambition :

Great post, Bipul! I’m curious what you think the key is for InMobi to differentiate itself from Google/Facebook and create a model that is sustainable for the future. I’d be concerned that facebook/google could replicate their model with their massive resources. What can or is InMobi doing to prevent this from occurring?


Interesting post!

It is truly fascinating that such a large and successful company would take such a large risk by engaging in an emissions fraud scandal! I am curious what actions you would recommend to VW management to fix some of the cultural issues- and what the costs of this might be. Also, regarding the multi-brand structure, are there any downsides to having so many brands? For example, do you think that a lower quality brand associated with VW can hurt the image of a higher quality brand also under the VW umbrella?