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On December 14, 2015, ryanj commented on De Beers: “From Discovery to Desire” :

Very cool! Do you think De Beers needed to go through any major changes to its business or operating models to deal with the transition from providing 80% to providing 30% of the world’s rough diamonds? I could imagine that change in market share could impact relationships with sightholders or power over pricing and supply.

On December 14, 2015, ryanj commented on Vail Resorts: Delivering a Premier Mountain Resort Experience :

Makes me want to ski! Now that Vail Resorts has scaled to own 12 different mountains, I wonder what impact that expansion has on their operating or business models — and is it consistent with what their customers currently expect. I’d imagine some growing pains from when they just owned one or two mountains in Colorado. Should the expansion continue, and will it hurt or help their value proposition?

I can imagine a couple issues that they might need to think about while expanding, but I’m sure there are a lot more: (1) the Epic pass allows consumers to visit multiple mountains rather than remain loyal to one; (2) it could be harder to claim that your destination is the “Experience of a LifetimeTM” if you need to do that for each of a large number of different destinations.

On December 14, 2015, ryanj commented on Your doctor is on the line: Teladoc :

Very interesting! I wonder what issues Teladoc runs into attempting to integrate with all the various EHRs out there. Seems like an important part of their value proposition, it’s probably not a trivial task considering all the efforts still in progress to get EHRs to communicate with each other.

Following up on LH’s comment — I noticed in your reply that employers often end up paying for the subscription service. Is there anything about the business model or operating model catering specifically to employers as a revenue source? I wonder if Teladoc can transition to selling to large insurers or individual consumers without significant change to their business/operating models.