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Super interesting article! Like Tom, I’m a bit out of my element with this topic, but its really interesting to see how Ghalichi uses social media to incorporate users into her brand. I wonder if she can take this even further by bringing in a “Threadless” model to crowdsource new fashion ideas. I also see that she’s planning on opening a store in Dubai, why not LA first??

On December 12, 2015, Robert Lam commented on ALDI – A German success story :

I really like Aldi’s goal of providing the best quality products at lowest possible prices. Are there any particular customer segments that they are targeting? What kind of locations do they usually open stores in?

On December 12, 2015, Robert Lam commented on VALEANT: Valiant Vendor or Voracious Villain? :

Nicely written article! I also feel that Valeant is not actually capturing unrealized value since drug markets are not efficient (e.g. consumers do not have choice, no fear of competitive response, etc). I also question how sustainable their business model is, regardless of how effective their operating model is.

Do you foresee any challenges in SpaceX’s organizational structure as it grows? Will it still be able to maintain its very flat structure?