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You picked an interesting company. I wonder why other smaller independents have not thought about moving vertically into sand and water as well. Perhaps they lack the competencies in those business, or are unable to raise the capital requirements. It is definately a source of Pioneer’s competitive advantage and has allowed them to ride out this low price environment.

On December 13, 2015, RNatesh commented on Herbalife – The Upside Down Funnel :

Given our interest in activist investors, nice choice for a company to research. But what about considering the argument that them “members” themselves are the end consumer? After all, if they are purchasing it at a discount, perhaps it is for personal use? I suspect Herbalife already books their profit the moment they sell to a “member”. I guess ultimately it depends on whether you believe they view their distributors as customers or middle men.

On December 13, 2015, RNatesh commented on IndiGo Airlines: On Time, Every Time :

Interesting research. By focusing on punctuality, I think they stuck a chord with the Indian consumer who has been fed up with lack of reliability in the industry. IndiGo has replicated the Southwest model and focusing on quicker turn around times and standardized maintenence schedules has helped them achieve this.