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On December 12, 2015, RGO commented on Rent the Runway: A Successful Fashion Forward Business :

Saaket makes an excellent point. Perhaps the centralization is a reflection of the need to keep inventory consolidated to meet common consumer demand. Do we have a sense of how broadly the average RTR customer reaches into their inventory? Are there “hit” dresses with waitlists similar to the lists one used to experience on Netflix? Has RTR innovated with respect to storage and retrieval the way Amazon has broken new ground on this front? And does RTR benefit from having an eye toward selecting popular dresses or do they simply add value through breadth of offerings?

On December 12, 2015, RGO commented on Barack Obama: Against the Odds :

I also enjoyed your post very much. Do you think the advantages that benefited Obama was a once-in-a-lifetime phenomenon because technological presence across candidates and parties will be closer to parity. Obama had the incredible advantage of a compelling message but he was, as you highlight, the first to successfully use many of these technologies. Will future candidates ever have the “tech edge?” Also, is the Obama model the blueprint for future campaigns, especially the 2016 election, or does technology change so quickly that the Obama Campaign model is now antiquated?

On December 12, 2015, RGO commented on Box: Culture, Press, and Sales driving enterprise value :

Great post. You did not really talk about Box’s network architecture. Do they have any advantages versus other storage competitors? Does their systems architecture help give them some type of business advantage? Also, what is security on Box like relative to its competitors? I would guess that is a super important feature for many of the types of clients you say that they are attempting to attract. Can they be a security leader given what they are attempting to accomplish or is that at odds with “sharing” files? For what it’s worth, I use Box on the research team that I work with and I find their sales to be very low touch, perhaps this is reflective of the small size of our organization.