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On December 13, 2015, Rebecca commented on Ball and Rexam: $300M in cost synergies? CAN they do it? :

Thanks for the great article, Robert! Aside from the synergies that you mention above I am curious about the impact of the acquisition on the culture of the firm. Rexam’s non-executive directors are expected to resign with the closure of their London headquarters. As Rexam directors are removed from the equation, it will be interesting to see the trickle down effect that has on front line employees. Will Ball try to take on any aspects of Rexam’s culture or will it move forward with its’ current culture and expect all Rexam employees to conform?

On December 13, 2015, Rebecca commented on Jet Blue: Bringing Humanity Back to Air Travel :

James, thanks for the comment. JetBlue is certainly not known for their loyalty programs but, as briefly mentioned above, they are adding additional features to appeal to the frequent business traveler. With the introduction of Mint, it allows those focused on loyalty programs to take advantage. Furthermore, they have introduced family pooling which allows up to 4 people (2 adults and 2 minors) to pool points together solving the age old problem of wasting points below the minimum redeemable amount. Although perhaps not appealing to frequent business travelers, I see this as a huge plus for those families that travel occasionally.

On December 13, 2015, Rebecca commented on Build-A-Bear Workshop: Smarter Than Your Average Toy Store :

Thanks for the great post, Charlie. My first, and only, build-a-bear experience occurred 9 year ago and involved my two adorable nieces. We went in and they picked out $15 teddy bears and when I checked out it was over $60. The two teddy bears were certainly well dressed and had impeccable voice boxes, but I swore I would never return. You mention in your article the desire to create a memorable shopping experience, but with add-ons that carry a hefty price tag at each station, I wonder if the experience is more stressful than enjoyable for many customers.

On December 13, 2015, Rebecca commented on Patagonia’s Trek to Social Responsibility :

Thanks for the great post, Lily! I have long been impressed with Patagonia’s ability to match their sustainability mission with their business model. Many other companies try to claim the same, but Patagonia truly made it one of their core missions and business success followed. Most surprising to me, is Patagonia’s ability to attract die-hard Patagonia fans as you mention above that are influenced by Patagonia’s sustainability promises as well as high-end customers who are interested in the brand name, and likely unaware of their social missions. This ability to be the clothing of choice for outdoor enthusiasts as well as fancy resort goers plays a large role in their success.