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On December 13, 2015, Rajiv Sivendran commented on GoPro: Hardware Enabled Content for the HERO in All of Us :

Love the product, question whether they’ll remain a dominant player in 10 years. It seems that now that larger industry titans have caught on to this consumer demand, that they’ll be able to easily enter the market, and leverage their existing manfacturing/camera/tech experience.

If GoPro can continue to innovate ahead of the field they’ll be in good shape, but they don’t have many ‘moats’ protecting them.

On December 13, 2015, Rajiv Sivendran commented on Sweetgreen: Live the Sweetlife :

Agree with the above – love Sweetgreens, which they could expand faster. I know they recently raised a large round with the plans to fund an expansion.

I wonder how quickly scalable their model is given that they have to build up their supplier network from scratch in each new market they enter. Not that its a bad thing they can’t scale quickly, they have clearly demonstrated demand. It may make more sense for them to saturate markets such as Boston with as many locations as possible so they can leverage already established suppliers.

On December 13, 2015, Rajiv Sivendran commented on VALEANT: Valiant Vendor or Voracious Villain? :

Agree with comments made by Robert and Steven Chen. Valeant does not have a future in healthcare past this decade. The process of cutting R&D in the companies they acquire will come back to haunt them in the long term, as they find it harder and harder to find new companies to acquire. As more societal and political pressure gets place on pharma, they will need to justify revenue driven chiefly from cost cutting and price increases. Now that more people are watching pharma pricing structures, they’re going to get hit hard.