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On December 14, 2015, Raysita commented on Zara: Fast Growth through Fast Fashion :

Thank you for the post, Lillian.

1. Most vendors have many brands so that the production lines are never dry. Since Zara owns the factory do they produce other brands at their factories to make sure capacity is always full?
2.For specialized products, do they outsource the production? If not, how do they accommodate for keeping up with changing trends in the same factories?

Thank you!

On December 14, 2015, Raysita commented on Nike: Lapping The Competition :

Thank you for the post, ATSecJ.

1. How is Nike putting processes in line to address the issues they had with sweatshops? How can they keep low costs with ethics involved?
2. Do they own the factories? If not, how do they keep the capacities full for factories they don’t own for specialized products with less units bought?

Thank you!

Thank you for the post, Madan.

I had a few questions about Warby Parker’s operational model, which worries me.

1. The head of Production at WP never worked directly with manufacturers- he only worked on the brand side and outsourced manufacturing. His leadership in Production for WP seems to limit the success of WP to expand. How will they be able to expand when their leadership is lacking practical skills?
2. How do they keep vendors happy without confirming capacities with them?

Thank you!