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On December 14, 2015, Ranime commented on To Infinity and Beyond: Disney’s Alignment with Magic :

Hey Ching-Ching, I loved that you picked a company that you are this passionate about. Disney is one of the very few companies that I think managed to get success after success throughout the years. Having started in 1923, It must have been extremely challenging to ensure the best delivery to the customers, through the right operating and business model. I can imagine that the product that Disney is all about is very dependent on the people in the company; What they try to do is to come up with original and new ideas all the time to keep generations and generations of kids interested. It must be very heavily dependent on market research as well to understand the preferences of the new generations. I would personally be very curious to know what Disney does in order to create this perfect balance between the creativity that is required in this domain and the quality of standards that is required from a company like Disney.

On December 14, 2015, Ranime commented on Now That’s one Tough Mudder… :

Thanks for the fun read Cam! It is tough to believe that a company can grow to a revenue of 100 million $ annually by offering one product that mainly consists of challenging people. I fully agree that using social media mainly to promote this event is a very smart move given that the vast majority of Facebook users fall under the target market of Tough Mudder. My concern is however whether the product they are offering is sustainable or is it just a trend that would soon die? Are they doing something about this, maybe try to market this as a team building activity for corporate events?

On December 14, 2015, Ranime commented on In-Q-Tel: How to Keep Your Spies In the Know :

I wonder if In-Q-Tel, eventhough structured to be a not for profit organization and with the main purpose of ensuring the development of new and innovative products for the CIA, would be more effective to get funding from other sources?
I understand that the 37 million dollars that In-Q-Tel gets from the CIA on a yearly basis is a reliable income and allows the company to be flexible in its choice of investment but it also limits the number of initiatives that it can fund. Wouldn’t be more efficient for In-Q-Tel to open up to the idea of getting funding from other investors? and If this is to happen would investors be willing to give funding to this VC?