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@Marco Iansiti: Just checked it out, so far I’m impressed! It seems as if they’ve taken a few cues from the Facebook app, although I’m sure many of their changes were natural.

@Charlotte: A friend of mind who attends Stanford GSB mentioned to me recently that they have a Stanford written case on LinkedIn, and the consensus that LinkedIn is positioning itself as the primary talent sourcers and is only in the beginning of the data science and analytics it can perform on its users. Also, most definitely! It seems to be an informed decision to invest so heavily in product development.

On December 11, 2015, Rahkeem commented on Chick-fil-A: Recipe for Success :

I believe the spicy chicken breakfast sandwich is the best sandwich ever created. This helps to explain why my taste buds have not been entertained in the nearly 3 years since I’ve had it.

Thanks for your write up! I did not know the tight controls that Chick-Fil-A exerts in its franchise model. I have always noticed the difference in their customer service relative to other fast-food restaurants. Do you believe the heavy focus on consistent experience and branding across the franchise stores helps or hinders Chick-Fil-A’s ability to scale? Do you believe it helps to explain their limited presence in the Northeast?

On December 11, 2015, Rahkeem commented on 5-hour Energy: Get your boost for the day :

The founder of this company is perhaps one of the most self-deprecating CEO. Do you believe that the size of the 2-ounce bottle aids 5-hour energy in keeping its costs down? I’d imagine that the bottle size helps to contain production and distribution costs, which could be an excellent alignment of operating and business models.

As a fan of VICE, I’m excited that you’ve written this! How do you think operating and business model will fit into a perceived goal of maintaining a user base that seems to focus on Millennials (18-34-year-olds). As you may, Fox News has an average viewing audience that is aged 65 years of age or older. Do you think VICE will be able to sustain their edginess going forward?

Yes and no. In many ways, LinkedIn will be able to eliminate the resume and cover letter through the standardization of several elements of resumes across several companies and the ability to perform big data modeling on this data. It is positioned to not be a great resume/CV replacement but a tool for which a company can accurately gauge the future performance of candidates within their own companies through things such as those people who are part of the user’s network. This is already being done with gauging the credit-worthiness of people, even in countries such as the U.S.A.