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On December 14, 2015, pstamati commented on SPS Commerce, Inc.: Managing Supply Chain in the Cloud :

I found this very interesting – As the world becomes more complex streamlining supply chains is very important especially given wthe many numerous channels that now exist. I see this value being especially important for smaller companies that may find it much more economical to outsource their supply chain. In addition the cloud basis of it allows for much easier interaction that would also signal the need for a less headcount heavy supply chain group within a given company. Finally, the SPSC online community is very interesting as it basically opens a new market (like an ebay) where people can find outlets for their products and increase their growth.

On December 14, 2015, pstamati commented on Zara: Upscale, on-demand fashion :

I find Zara a fascinating company and as someone from Spain Ortega really is a legend that has focused on Zara and an extremely humble life. What I find most interesting is how quickly Zara introduces new designs during each season and how good they are on picking up the trends. We use to have a Zara on my corner and every week it had a different window and a whole new set of clothes at amazing price points. For many women, it has become and after work drop in where they always leave with one item for 20 dollars. Amazing business model only made possible buy its incredible supply chain and quick design turnaround.

On December 14, 2015, pstamati commented on Maple: A Restaurant without a Restaurant :

I love Maple and used it a lot when living downtown – it is great food that changes every day and cheap and the delivery time is always excellent. I do wonder though if it is a sustainable business model if they expand. With their kitchen in Brooklyn they only service lower Manhattan – if they keep growing I wonder if they will be able to keep the same level of service and delivery time. Similarly, I wonder if they will be able to be profitable given that additional kitchens and CAPEX expenditures they will have to make.