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On December 9, 2015, Preeya commented on To Infinity and Beyond: Disney’s Alignment with Magic :

What I think is interesting is that Disney’s operating model and business model has stayed relatively consistent for so long. One question I have is whether you think the operating model will have to change as children become more and more digitally savvy. In a world where three year olds are more comfortable with iPads than their parents, will Disney face increasing competition and have to invest to bring the magic to children in different ways?

On December 9, 2015, Preeya commented on TESSEI: The 7 minute miracle of the bullet train cleaning crew :

This is such an innovative and interesting operating model – using human capital and dividing the tasks to maximise efficiency. It would be interesting to know how this could be applied to other industries which would derive a similar value in quick cleaning. Not only public transport, but spaces like offices. How important do you think the human capital element (workers having pride, and offering a hospitality service) serves as a source of value versus the efficiency of splitting up the process into simple, manageable tasks?

On December 9, 2015, Preeya commented on Transforming from CSN Stores to Wayfair :

This is a super interesting business model. Wayfair’s operating model with no inventory allows it to be flexible, catering to the variable demands of shoppers and bearing none of the associated risk in terms of non-performing inventory. One question I have is what the barriers to entry are and whether you think that they are doing anything which is easily copyable? From the article it seems as if they don’t have any particular proprietary technology or other hard to emulate asset (aside from the brand) which they can utilise to prevent competitors from entering. Do you think they will have to once again change their operating model as more competitors enter?