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On December 13, 2015, Prasad commented on Chipotle: The birth of the fast-casual concept :

I am a Chipotle addict, but I am very concerned that the recent health incidents have caused irreparable harm to their business. As a chain that prides itself on the quality of its food (fresh ingredients, locally sourced, non-GMO), the recent E-coli outbreak strikes directly at the heart of this value proposition. I am very interested to see how Chipotle is able to move past this and get historically loyal customers (myself included) to feel safe eating their food again.

On December 13, 2015, Prasad commented on Learn a New Language and Change the World :

Avilia, I’ve used Duolingo on my phone before and it is one of my favorite apps. I’m still unsure how they connect their language learning software to their goal of translating the web. Is it the case that more advanced Duolingo users are given actual websites (i.e. Wikipedia) to translate and then the learners are using their labor to translate sites. How does one ensure translation accuracy and quality?
While I see the value in an individual learning a language for real-world communication, do you feel the rise in high-quality translation software will be a more effective means to translate the web? Should be an interesting story to watch over the next few years!

On December 10, 2015, Prasad commented on Ryanair: The lowest cost airline in Europe. :

This was a really interesting take on an airline that I have used many times! RyanAir has revolutionized air travel for the “cost-conscious” traveler who travels within Europe; however, I wonder about RyanAir’s potential to maintain that efficiency while expanding to serve more customers and different routes. Will business travelers be willing to use RyanAir for their business trips? Will the poor experience and the need to fly into secondary airports be a concern for those customers. Secondly, can they expand their routes to include long-haul routes. The 737 has a limited range, and I would be concerned about RyanAir’s ability to maintain their low MRO costs when their fleet expands to multiple airplane models.