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Indeed digitisation helps preventive maintenance in industries which are capital intensive. A new step going forward is linkage of SAP based plant maintenance schedule with 5D model. A 5D model captures minutest details of an equipment , including wearing patterns, replacement frequency. It talks with SAP PM and generates maintenance schedules for various equipment parts .

On November 20, 2016, Pooja commented on What Can Brown Print For You? :

3D printing offers many opportunities going forward. As of now it is mainly used for prototype manufacturing considering scalability issues , which will go down as cost of print material goes down. An additional advantage of 3D printing is that it reduces barriers to entry in manufacturing. 3 D printing can help small scale manufacturers enter large scale market. 3 D printing techniques helps manufacturers with unique designs to develop a competitive edge. The only challenge as of now is to develop materials which when 3D printed have comparable properties as of a traditionally manufactured material.
This article from Mckinsey establishes 3D printing opportunities and market potential

It is indeed a very informative post. I earlier believed that Linkedin is only a professional network. But going through this post I realised that Linkedin’s mission is way beyond.In the age of internet when things change so fast, it is really important to continuously upgrade skills. The question which needs to be answered is which are the skills required and going through your post I realised Linkedin’s vision is to provide answers to these questions.

On November 20, 2016, Pooja commented on Cisco and the Internet of Things :

IOT is the future as we all have mentioned. But the decision CISCO needs to take is vital whether to go for industrial or consumers. I believe that going forward IOT will have maximum impact on industrial especially Manufacturing and Health care.
This article from Mckinsey discusses opportunities for IOT in various segments.


Very thoughtful post Spencer. I an era where we all are focusing towards more digitization, it is important to understand that consumers may have preferences for physical products. Going through the post, I realized that digitization can be an add on to the existing business, but completely ignoring the touch and feel part of a physical product may not be viable for many industries including news papers, magazines, books etc.
This is a very interesting article which explains how paper can beat digital according to Forbes.

On November 7, 2016, Pooja commented on The Crossroad faced by state-owned China Coal Corp :

Thanks Olivia for the post. Coal usage as a fuel increases Green House Gas Emisssions. I think a good approach could be to reduce coal usage in power industry by moving more towards green tech , solar and wind energy.

Steel industry is also a big consumer of coal and there fore one of the largest industrial pollutants. While power and steel industry can not completely replace coal but both industries can look for alternate options to lower coal consumption.

It’s a very interesting article. Airline operations has variability (in terms of luggage, route, customer food preference inside aircraft). Going forward Airlines industry should work with component manufacturers to manufacture light weight component.It is the best way to increase fuel efficiency and reduce emissions.

On November 7, 2016, Pooja commented on Green Mission of Whole Foods Market :

Its great to learn that organic food can help regenerate the soil. Whole foods can also take a drive to educate consumers about food wastage. They can also educate consumers to use personal bottles and containers , thereby avoiding usage of plastic containers and bottles , which are not recyclable.

On November 7, 2016, Pooja commented on Fast Fashion on a Fast Decline via Climate Change :

Very interesting post. I think a very big challenge for apparel industry is that the products are not recyclable. Therefore the products when disposed are not recycled and end up increasing pollution level. Similar to Nike’s approach where they use plastic bottles in shoes , H&M can also think of using mix products in the apparels.

On November 7, 2016, Pooja commented on Is Big Green Doing Enough to Reduce Emissions? :

Very Insightful post Sam. I think John Deere can also work with its suppliers (mainly component suppliers) to develop new light weight and high strength material. It will help them manufacture better fuel efficient equipment.