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On December 12, 2015, Pia Gugnani commented on GrubHub: Bringing Order to the Takeout Experience :

Great post! Grubhub’s aquisition spree has certainly created an economic moat for them but I wonder if that’s a sustainable competitive advantage. I wonder how the company will react to competitive pressures from new entrants such as DoorDash, Yelp, Uber, Postmates, and even companies like Blue Apron that eat from the total takeout market share. These new entrants may offer lower take rates to restaurants which would put significant margin pressure on Grubhub. I guess the market is theirs to lose…

On December 12, 2015, Pia Gugnani commented on Welltok – a Healthcare Platform for Innovation :

It seems the success of Welltok is predicated on the success of the individual solutions on its platform, and as you mention, on its ability to find solutions that “truly and measurably improve outcomes and lower costs.” Given the lack of data on outcomes and cost on most digital health solutions, what do you think Welltok does to actively pick the solutions it hosts on CafeWell? Or does the company believe that being part of the Welltok platform can, in fact, enhance the effectiveness of the solution.

Interesting post! I am curious about what their patient mix is. I’m assuming it will be difficult to take on financial risk if you’re patient population skews towards more complicated and geriatric. Also, very curious about the revenue opportunity for physicians in the IORA network. Under this model, it would seem that they would likely be revenue negative when compared to a traditional FFS model. This could have direct implications for the talent they’re able to hire and retain.

On December 6, 2015, Pia Gugnani commented on One Medical: The Doctor’s Office. Reinvented. :

Good observation, Rex! You’re right. So far, the firm had relied on word-of-mouth advertising supplemented by referral bonuses etc. And had seen explosive growth in membership sign-ups! Going forward, they have made a move into enterprise i.e. One Medical is now offered as a perk by employer groups as part of the health benefits of a company. I believe they have been successful in signing up several enterprise clients – although the exact numbers/growth is not public. I believe that this is the right move in order to grow and also to cement their position against competition, to your point.