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On December 14, 2015, Peter Mannion commented on Sunrun – Solar as a Service :

Hi Kunal – thanks for this post – it’s a really interesting overview.

Have you any thoughts on why the third-party ownership model has been so focused on solar in the US? It strikes me that a similar approach could be effective for many other domestic clean energy opportunities. I could imagine the model being extended to everything from upgrading boilers to retrofitting insulation. It seems that there must be an opportunity considering the extremely high potential potential returns available on relatively simple and inexpensive domestic technology.

On December 14, 2015, Peter Mannion commented on Tesla: Redefining a Trillion Dollar Industry :

Thanks for this post Rob – really interesting read.

For me, it’s a particularly interesting example because the auto industry is so heavily regulated. Everything from manufacturing to distribution suffers from more intervention than seems to make sense. Do you think it will be possible for Tesla to continue innovating its business and operating model within this environment? It seems that they have already hit their heads against restrictions in, for example, allowing cars to be sold online. Its unlikely that the old powerhouses in the auto industry will give up their strangle-hold on the various regulations designed to protect the status quo.