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On December 9, 2015, Pete Mitchell commented on Peloton: the Netflix of boutique fitness :

I like the concept, but I wonder how sustainable the online business model is. People often purchase gym memberships or equipment to start the new year or to follow the next fad and then quickly go back to their normal routine and the membership/equipment goes unused. I imagine it will be harder to re-sell these bikes as well, since you need to purchase a monthly subscription in order to get the full use of the platform.

On December 9, 2015, Pete Mitchell commented on GoPro: Hardware Enabled Content for the HERO in All of Us :

Do you think GoPro needs to expand beyond one product? They have recently introduced the “GoPro Session,” a mini version of their other cameras, but they are also facing new pressure from large corporations such as Sony and Garmin. For the last few years GoPro was by far the dominant player in this market, do you think this will continue or do they need to do something disruptive to stay on top?

Do you think their ultra-low cost model is more or less sensitive to changes in fuel prices compared to other airlines?

Also, other airlines benefit from gaining and then keeping customers (including business customers) for a long time. Do you think Spirit ends up spending more to continually gain new customers as opposed to developing loyal customers?