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On December 8, 2015, Pandalisa commented on Trader Joe’s – Alignment Under Secrecy :

A huge fan of TJ’s thanks for posting! In moving across the country, it has come to my attention that Trader Joe’s also seems to have a localized SKU selection. I wonder how they go about deciding to introduce new SKUs in specific markets. 1) How do they pick a new product in the first place? (Customer requests? External trends?) and 2) How do they go about testing demand? Do they introduce a small amount? Would be interesting to understand how they would choose a partner/supplier for a test product and what the threshold would be to introducing it fully in a store or on a national scale.

On December 8, 2015, Pandalisa commented on Cards Against Humanity: A party game for horrible people :

Love CAH! While there seems to be a current trend in games to focus on fostering offline interactions, it is interesting to see that CAH hasn’t translated the game to online or mobile. There is definitely a hunger from an app perspective as there are several copy-cat (maybe they’re licensed?) apps out there. It would be interesting to see how CAH chooses to grow, whether they may try to extend their strong brand to other offline games, or choose to go the online route.

On December 8, 2015, Pandalisa commented on HBS: long-term value proposition with a short-term operating model :

Great points and super interesting post! I would also wonder, as a non-profit, how HBS attributes the value of faculty’s research versus teaching/lecturing. It would seem that the research component could potentially even go under the “brand” asset, as it is an ongoing and long-term benefit that goes beyond the short term 2-year view.

On December 8, 2015, Pandalisa commented on BaubleBar: Fast Fashion Disrupting the Jewelry Industry :

Awesome! So much of BaubleBar’s jewelry is of a similar style (statement necklaces), I would be interested to know how they know if/when to enter a slightly different space, for example, a minimalist style that is currently trendy. Included in the customer feedback on current styles, do they solicit ideas or requests from customers? Do they then introduce a style in a limited quantity to test out demand?