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On December 14, 2015, Oyku commented on DocuSign: Maximizing Growth Through Human Capital :

Ezra, great post! It’s interesting to see how DocuSign has merged back office functionalities with business units. From the start they have adopted a lean approach in structuring their organization. While adopting lean operations is important, I believe ensuring the sustainability of lean is even more important. As you mentioned, it will be interesting to observe how they evolve their operating model as they expand. If successful, they might become a great case study for growing start-ups with limited resources!

Laurent, this is a very interesting analysis!
Telecom must be one of the most challenging industries to fight with incumbents due to large capex requirements. It’s amazing to see that Free Mobile is able to compete with large telcos like Orange while using their infrastructure. Being the first mover in introducing bundle packages must have been a great advantage for Iliad’s growth and profitability as it would require analytical infrastructure to build. I wonder if Free Mobile would be able to achieve similar profitability levels if it weren’t Iliad’s subsidiary. The challenges that you mentioned at the end are crucial in sustaining growth and it will be interesting to see how Free will overcome these in the years to come!

On December 14, 2015, Oyku commented on Paddle8: Bringing the Art Auction House Online :

Andrew, this is very interesting! I did not know about Paddle8, thanks for sharing! Your analysis shows that they have a smart business model and that they created a niche business filling the supply void of online auction companies. What intrigued me most about Paddle8 is their capability to inspect photographs and accept only 10% of the submissions. The authenticity of the accepted pieces is crucial in establishing company liability. I wonder if they are investing more heavily on their experts compared to other auction companies and if this is one of the ways they utilize the savings gained from eliminating the need for physical storage space.